Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kindergarten Workers!

My smart board FINALLY got fixed today. It was out for a day and a 1/2 and it felt like a LIFE time! We did lots of fun things today in class. And, let me tell you, that I LOVE my group of kids to the moon and back! They are GREAT!

Reading Workshop
So, we've been talking about the "listening" part to reading workshop for a while, the past couple of days we have "tired," which includes going to our tables with books and practice "reading" quietly and then returning the books to the correct basket... NEATLY, and today we talked about sharing and what that should look like. I took some pictures to capture each section and then we made an anchor chart to close the lesson. 

The listening picture is one I took the 2nd day of school- they were sitting on their squares, hands in their laps and looking at the speaker.

These are some "trying" pictures.

These are some "sharing" pictures. We talked about how you sit and listen to each other. There were some great conversations going on about favorite parts and coolest pictures. 

Tomorrow I'll post our math sorting lesson! YAY!

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