Sunday, February 26, 2012


On Wednesday, we put hard boiled eggs in  a cup with coke early in the morning. When the kids took them out the eggs were dark and brown. They then got to scrub the eggs with a toothbrush to clean them (just like we do with our teeth). 

peanut... peanut butter!

 We studied about George Washington Carver recently. Miss O'Brien decided that making peanut butter would be fun and man was she right!


 We studied teeth this week. On Friday, the Blinn dental students came to do some rotations with us on teeth. The kids learned so much. We also made a super fun chart about teeth. 

Look at these beautiful smiles. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

more on the motor lab

Our motor lab is AMAZING! Thank you so much Miss Busa for writing the grant! This week, our class is at the Wii. The kids had an amazing time and then of course, I took a few extras of other things going on out in the POD. 

Wii Fun!


Walking on different textures.

Jump Rope

 Bean bag toss. 

 Baby beads.

Task cards and such. 


clouds and rain

 Miss O'Brien found a pretty cool lesson on clouds via Pinterest. Here are the photos from the lesson. 

If you put shaving cream on top of water in a cup then top with blue food coloring, when the clouds (shaving cream) gets too heavy, then it will rain! The kids loved it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day :)

One of the best days of the year!


The kiddos drew pictures of things they  do during the day and at night! There were some awesome ones... here are a few...
He drew himself outside looking at the constellations at night. 

She drew her and her "boo" walking arm and arm under the stars. 



Megan has been in full responsibility. In science, she has been talking about objects in the sky. Last week the kids made stars in a jar. They LOVED it. 

Showing them what we're doing. 

Glow Sticks!

Glow Sticks

 Stars in a jar!

We all went in the bathroom to check them out.