Sunday, January 15, 2012


 On Friday, my student teacher Miss O'Brien (Megan to me) taught her first lesson. It was a science lesson that they had to predict under what method (newspaper, foil, salt, or plain ice) would ice melt the quickest. The kids were adorable as always but their thinking was amazingly smart and they were excited to be scientist. 

 Miss O'Brien teaching her lesson.

The bowls and scientist recording their observations.

Plain ice, foil covered ice, ice with salt, and newspaper covered ice.
Gluing down the pictures: next to the salt it says fastest.

"I think the ice is fast."
"I think the newspaper is going to win."

"Ice is going to melt the fastest, newspaper the slowest."

"News paper is the loser"

Enjoying their day.

"I think newspaper will win"
"Salt is the winner."
"I do not know."

More enjoyment.


Some things that were said:
"I think the foil will keep the ice frozen the longest because it is blocking out the hot lights."
"I'm going to go home and try pepper on it and see if it melts as fast or faster than salt."
"Best day ever!"
"I think the plain ice will melt faster because all the other stuff is blocking it from melting."

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