Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the things that happen in kindergarten....

 Today, Megan taught a lesson about area. She gave each kid a post-it note and a recording sheet. They each went around the room and looked for things that took up more area or less area than the post-it and then recorded it on the sheet. I have started to really back off while she is teaching because next week she will be in full responsibility, so I was sitting at my desk working on something else when I hear this conversation...

Student A: "Do you think your wiener takes up more area than this post-it?"
before Student B could answer, Student A says, "Nope, I doubt it."
Student A then draws his findings on the recording sheet. 

I call them over and ask what they were just talking about, student A says, "Well, I was just trying to find things around the room so I was just curious about his wiener."

***this is when i DIE laughing*** I couldn't help it. I covered my face, but I'm pretty sure they knew why I was laughing. I took pictures of the paper before it went home.

(I know that this might seem inappropriate, however... it is so funny.)

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