Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Motor Lab!

 My kindergarten colleague Miss Busa (who you can find at kristinskindergartenlearning.blogspot.com) wrote a grant last year for a motor lab. Let me preface by saying that our 6 kindergarten classrooms are all located off of our Kindergarten POD. The POD is just a large space that we use for pulling out groups with our kindergarten aide. Our aide typically pulled out groups during literacy stations so that we could have smaller numbers for guided reading groups. During literacy stations the children were also participating in literacy station in the POD. Now, they will be participating in our motor lab. The kiddos will be doing fine motor and gross motor activities. Today, I took some pictures of the activities we have going on this month. The kids stay at each station for 3 minutes. Kristin, myself and several other kindergarten teachers went to check out a motor lab at another elementary school in College Station. We really liked it and thought that it would be beneficial for all of our kindergarten kiddos as well as other children at our school. 
Gross Motor: Crawling through the tunnel. 

Gross Motor: Balance boards

Fine Motor: Sorting beads with tweezers. 

Gross motor: Jump-O-Lene 

Gross Motor: Hopscotch 

Gross Motor: Balance Beam

Fine Motor: Making circles and lines. 

Fine Motor: Using sand tools in sand. 

Fine motor: Pop Beads

Fine Motor: Cutting squiggle lines with curvy scissors. 

Gross Motor: Rolling on the mat to knock down the bowling pins. 

Gross Motor: Balance Board

There was another gross motor station that I didn't get a picture of but it is practicing yoga moves in the mirror. 

I am so thankful that Kristin wrote the grant for our Motor Lab. We were very fortunate for our PTO to fund this for us. We started on day 2 of school with a little hesitation. But it was PERFECT. The kids were so excited and our aide Miss. Klett did an amazing job with organization and behavior. 


  1. La Psicomotricidad es muy importante para el desarrollo de los niños, es la base del aprendizaje... me emociona ver que cada día hay más actividades de este tipo en muchas escuelas del mundo. Felicidades por este proyecto que les ha regalado muchos frutos!!