Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My New Classroom

 This year I moved to a new classroom across the hall. I am sooo excited! I asked to move because I think this room is bigger and has 3 windows! My room last year only had 1. I can leave the lights off and have on a few lamps while the sun shines in the room. Soooo excited! Here are a few pictures.

Back of the room: Art easel, word wall (which is covered in environmental print right now), Tina Turner's Turtle Tank, and the fish tank. 

The door, cubbies, etc. 

Smart board, teacher table, rainbow rug, etc.

3 WINDOWS!!!!!!! Huge bean bag, reading center, home center and computer center. 

Reading Nook, Science area, 3 WINDOWS!!!!!!

More of the room. 

Calendar, writing center, books of the week, door.


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