Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Really funny...

 So, something pretty funny happened today. I had to blog about it because it is just too cute to not. I have a  little friend that during rest time thought it would be a good idea to push himself in between the top and bottom of a bench in my classroom. When I asked the boys to put away their rest towels, he didn't budge. So, I asked why he hadn't followed directions, he replied, "because I'm stuck." At first I tried to tell him that his natural consequence would be to have to stay there. However, I quickly realized that he was seriously stuck. The image of the Full House episode when DJ is babysitting and the boy gets his head stuck in the stair railings popped in my head. I was worried we would have to call the fire department or something to saw it apart. Through all of this I was trying really hard to not laugh but was crying while holding back the hysterical laughing. My teacher friend told me to take the cushion off the bench and he was able to squeeze his way out. I doubt he'll do it again any time soon. Here is a shot of him getting "unstuck."

On a sad note, our air conditioning is now set at 74.5. It is miserably hot. Today, my air stopped working all together and it ended up being 79 degrees. By the time I left at 4... I was drenched in sweat and had a stomachache. But, we have a wonderful office staff who took care of putting in a work order. Several teachers have mentioned wearing their bathing suits to school. Maybe that would make them (the district) lower the temp for the teachers! :)

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